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Measure relationship strength between two or more people, rapport between sales and customers, team dynamics, and more.

The Receptiviti Partner Ecosystem

We make our technology and resources easily accessible for developers, startups and large technology companies:

AI and Bots

Receptiviti enables bot makers and AI technologists to empower their platforms with emotional intelligence so they can discriminate between their users’ feelings, emotions and thinking styles, and use these insights to guide actions, communication styles and build stronger relationships and user dependencies. Learn more
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Marketing and Engagement

Segment and cluster Twitter followers, Facebook communities, customers and entire audiences by psychology, personality and decision-making styles. Engage them as individuals or in groups based on the way they think and how they make decisions.  Learn more

Sales and Customer Care

Receptiviti delivers customer psychology insights and specific recommendations to sales and call center reps so they can best communicate with each customer based on their unique psychology and decision-making style. Receptiviti also enables you to quantify rapport with customers, team members and accounts – all in real-time. Learn more

Fintech, Banking and Lending

Receptiviti provides financial services companies with trainable psychology-based predictive models that evaluate customer risk in real-time. We identify the markers that improve your ability to predict high-risk and low-risk customers whose behaviors impact bottom line profitability. Learn more

People analytics and data-driven HR

Receptiviti lets you evaluate candidates without psychometric surveys. Measure employee engagement and understand the quality of relationships among employees and teams. Receptiviti also helps you understand how psychology impacts employee turnover, accidents, fraud, customer retention and customer satisfaction. Learn more

Retail and E-commerce

Receptiviti helps sellers understand shoppers in-store and online, enabling them to make psychology-specific offers, recommendations and provide tailored shopping experiences. Learn more