The best way to communicate with anyone based on their psychology

Great communicators understand their audience and tailor their communication style to suit the people they’re speaking with. They rely on intuition to subtle verbal and non-verbal cues to understand more about how the other person thinks and feels, and they alter their style accordingly.

Great communicators can build rapport with virtually anyone – and now anyone can become a great communicator using Receptiviti’s Communication Coach.

Using it is simple – and you can even integrate it with your own app, bot or CRM application to make your users better communicators.

Try it out!

Try it out on a Twitter handle using Receptiviti’s Twitter Personality Analyzer, or sign-up for a free account and learn how to communicate with anyone by analyzing just 300 of their words.

Or, integrate Receptiviti Communication Coach API into your application

It’s super-easy to integrate Receptiviti’s Communication Coach into any application with this easy to implement sample code.  All our sample code is posted on Github. Have questions? Get in touch or hit us up on Twitter!