Want to know how well two people are getting along on Slack, Facebook Messenger or any other chat client? Receptiviti makes it easy for you to quantify the rapport that exists between two or more people on IM or any form of conversation – and we’ve got sample code that makes it super-easy.  You can read this post about the science of how it works, or skip right to the sample code.

Language Style Matching

Language Style Matching (LSM) can be used to identify the degree to which the two people are in sync by quantifying the commonalities and differences in their relative use of function words. Research has shown LSM to be associated with the quality of interpersonal relationships, how long relationships last, and it can even predict the formation of relationships. In speed dating environments, LSM has out-predicted couples themselves when evaluating the likelihood of mutual romantic interest, and it’s also been used to predict the likelihood of divorce among married couples.

Relationship strength and rapport as evidenced through LSM is one of the most important aspects of communication. When two people are in sync they share a mutual feeling of connectedness.

For sales people, rapport is critical to closing deals. Sales managers can use LSM to measure rapport and understand and improve the quality of the relationships their team has with accounts. Customer Support teams can evaluate and improve the quality of service they’re delivering, and Customer Success teams can use LSM to evaluate the strength of their customer relationships and to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Receptiviti supports LSM on virtually any source of language – email, voice transcripts, and even messaging apps like Slack, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat.

Typical LSM scores range from .50 to 1.00. The closer the score is to 1.00, the more in synch the two people are.

Sample code:

All our sample code is posted on github: Click here for the LSM sample code.

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