This week we introduced new and improved versions of the Big 5 measures that provide even more detailed and meaningful insights into the people behind the language you’re analyzing with Receptiviti.

Each of the new Big 5 now includes 6 facets that provide more specific insight into each measure. All are available for registered Receptiviti users at, as well as within the API. Give them a try and let us know your thoughts – we’re looking forward to your feedback.

Here’s the full list of new measures and their definitions:

Receptiviti MeasureDefinition
Big 5 Insights:
OpennessMeasures the degree to which a person is open to new ideas and new experiences.
ArtisticMeasures how much a person appreciates and enjoys the arts.
IntellectualMeasures how strongly a person is inclined toward intellectual and academic learning.
LiberalMeasures how socially and ideologically liberal a person is.
ImaginativeMeasures to what degree a person is imaginative.
Emotionally AwareMeasures to what degree a person is conscious of and connected with their feelings and emotions.
AdventurousMeasures the degree to which a person enjoys and seeks out adventure.
ConscientiousnessMeasures the degree to which a person is reliable.
Self-assuredMeasures how much confidence a person has in themselves.
DisciplinedMeasures a person's propensity to follow routines and rules.
AmbitiousMeasures the degree to which a person is ambitious or driven by the desire for achievement.
DutifulMeasures a person's sense that they should respect expectations and authority.
CautiousMeasures how cautiously a person tends to act.
OrganizedMeasures how organized and orderly a person is.
ExtraversionMeasures the degree to which a person feels energized and uplifted when interacting with others or engaging in activity.
SociableMeasures how much a person seeks out and enjoys social situations.
FriendlyMeasures how friendly a person generally is and how positive they are when interacting with others.
AssertiveMeasures how assertive a person is and how comfortable a person is with expressing their ideas and needs.
EnergeticMeasures how much energy and enthusiasm a person tends to have.
CheerfulMeasures how happy and cheerful a person generally acts.
ActiveMeasures how strongly a person feels the need for activity and engagement in their life.
AgreeablenessMeasures the degree to which a person is inclined to please others.
GenerousMeasures how much a person enjoys spending their time and money on others.
TrustingMeasures how easily a person trusts others.
CooperativeMeasures how well a person takes into account the needs of others.
EmpatheticMeasures how strongly a person internalizes the feelings of others.
GenuineMeasures how genuine and honest a person is.
HumbleMeasures how humble and modest a person is.
NeuroticismMeasures the degree to which a person expresses strong negative emotions.
ImpulsiveMeasures how inclined a person is to act impulsively.
StressedMeasures the degree to which a person is experiencing stress and how strongly affected they are by it.
AnxiousMeasures the degree to which a person is experiencing anxiety and how strongly affected they are by it.
AggressiveMeasures the degree to which a person exhibits anger or aggression.
MelancholyMeasures how much a person is expressing sadness.
Self-consciousMeasures how likely a person is to feel embarrassed or anxious about themselves or their skills.