Analyze anyone’s psychology on Twitter with Receptiviti’s Twitter Analyzer API endpoint

If you’ve ever wanted to analyze the psychologies or personalities of people on Twitter, this short tutorial is for you. We’re going to show you how you can use Receptiviti’s Twitter API endpoint to analyze as many Twitter handles as you want quickly and easily, so you can bake this functionality into your app, bot or just about anything you’ve built online. The API takes care of all the hard stuff – all you need to do is wire it in.

First we’ll explain how it works, and then we’ll provide you with the sample code you need to get up and running in minutes.

About as easy as it gets

The words people use in their tweets reveal a great deal about them, their psychology, the way they think, how they make decisions and how they’re likely to act.

Receptiviti requires 300 words for accurate results, but tweets are short and they’re full of noise like hashtags, handles, quotes, urls, and other characters. Once you clean out the noise you’re left with about 7-8 words per tweet, so Receptiviti needs roughly 30 tweets that are cleansed of all the noise. The good news is that Receptiviti Twitter Analyzer API endpoint takes care of all the cleansing and assembling so you don’t need to.

When you make a call to Receptiviti’s Twitter Analyzer API endpoint and reference a particular twitter handle (or as many handles as you like), the API cleanses the noise from the tweets and pulls down as many cleansed tweets as needed to assemble a string of 300 clean words from the handle. It then generates a psychological profile of the Twitter handle that you can use for a variety of purposes like:

  • Giving your bot emotional intelligence
  • Enriching CRM profiles
  • Profiling customers and users
  • Understanding your audience
  • Marketing and lead generation
  • Customer intelligence
  • Interface customization
  • Hyper-personalizing your marketing content
  • And more…

Sample code

All our sample code is posted on github: Click here for our Twitter Analyzer API sample code.

We’d love to hear how you’re using the Receptiviti Twitter Analyzer API endpoint. Hit us up on Twitter and let us know!

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