Receptiviti Case Study:

Zoom.aiScheduling meetings is a huge time suck, and the back and forth emails to plan and confirm dates and times distracts us from getting far more pressing things done. is an Automated Virtual Assistant (one of a many types of bots) for enterprise users that’s been developed to eliminate this pain point by automatically scheduling your meetings from whatever communication platform you’re. And it doesn’t stop there – Zoom works on virtually any communication platform you’re likely to be using including email, GoogleHangouts, sms, Slack, Telegram, Kik, Skype, Line, Office365,, Facebook and more. But that’s not all, you can ask Zoom to book flight or schedule an Uber – all from within whatever communication platform you’re already using.

To make even more valuable to users, integrated Receptiviti’s Personality Snapshots to provide its users with an accurate description of the personality of the people they’re scheduled to meet. “Efficiency is what is all about,” says Roy Pereira,’s CEO, “and Receptiviti’s incredibly accurate insights are delivered to our users before their meetings which helps make their preparation more efficient and their meetings more successful.”

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