Want to customize your application or your customers’ experience based on their psychology?

We’ve got the sample code you need to quickly analyze and generate a psychological profile of anyone using Receptiviti – you can use this sample code in just about any app, bot, CRM system — and virtually any web-based anything.

Receptiviti can quickly generate a 3-point profile of a person’s dominant traits, which you can use to:

  • Profile users of your app
  • Understand the psychology and thinking style of your customers, social connections or audience
  • Enrich CRM customer records
  • Learn about job applicants and employees
  • Match people with others who are similar to them
  • Profile your friends, family, coworkers, or boss

The response will be a JSON object containing the Receptiviti personality snapshot:


Sample code:

All our sample code is posted on github: Click here for the Receptiviti personality snapshot sample code.

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